Operational example of the assisted progression procedure

The example can apply to diverse cases:
- training of maintenance ingeneers that must acquire all the knowledges before a complementary practical training course,
- specialists update on products evolutions,
- assisted progression of a certification procedure following a training,
- expertise preservation at the anniversary of a training.

in all cases, the assisted progression must be autonomous, can last weeks, and must not bother the main professionnal activities of the people doing it.

Step 1. Pass all the quizzes of the list


Step 2-1. Consolidation. Answers the questions of randomly selected pages of quizzes


Answers at the consolidation time replace the related answers done at the chronological quizzes time.
The answers of the not selected pages remain inchanged and participate to the re-calculation of the final scores.

Step 2-2. Consolidation. Re-calculate the scores. Failed Quizzes


A quiz failure is a sign of a past weakness and/or a weakness at the final consolidation time. An initial too low score, degraded by insufficient final knowledge, can be fatal for the score of the related quiz.

Step 3. Pass again the failed quizzes


The loop (consolidation / pass again the failed quizzes / new consolidation) ends when the scores of each quizze remain greater than their defined passing score.
The loop is a training loop when integrated into training activities, or an acquired knowledge checking loop, if used by a certification procedure following an entreprise training, or incorporated in expertise preservation procedure, or incorporeted in a virtual exam procedure.