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Assisted Progression

The process facilitates self-training, frames the progression, and automatically checks the assess of the person to be trained.
(Even, in the end of a long training cycle, for those of the topics studied at the beginning of the cycle)

- The Avanst portal can be connected to your LMS and used to complement it.
- The progression mode is accessible, according to the access code, and after the selection of the access code.
- Examples of portal uses

Comparison with the quizzes of LMS

The progression mode helps the student in the follow-up of his training assets.
It provides a framework of study, a light system of revision, lists of quizzes and automatic evaluations of the obtained levels of knowledge.

The progression uses series of quizzes combined with phases of automatic consolidations.
Consolidation: pages of questions randomly selected among the chronological quizzes of a topic.
When a serie of quizzes is finished, the procedure of consolidation is automatically launched.
It checks, in a light way and by using an original process, that the assets of the person to be trained remain sufficient on the whole of the points studied.

[1]. Series of quizzes to be passed, one after the other, on success of the previous quiz.
[2]. Phase of consolidation automatically launched in the end of a successful serie of quizzes.
[3]. At the end of the phase of consolidation, the results with each quiz are recomputed.
The answers taken into account are those corresponding to the questions of the pages answered in the progression (for the pages not selected by the consolidation), and with the answers to the pages of questions, selected by chance and displayed again, by the consolidation.
A mixture of results corresponding to passed training assets at the progression time, and final effective assets of the person to be trained.
[4]. Only the failed quizzes are to be passed by again. When all the results of quizzes are again sufficient, the phase of consolidation is again launched.
[5]. The progression, for a serie of quizzes, finishes when all the results of all the quizs of the serie remain higher than the passage definited thresholds.

The consolidation phase is not a final synthesis quiz:
- the pages displayed in phase of consolidation are extracted by chance from the chronological quizzes done by the student,
- his previous results with the questions of these pages are deleted and the pages are again submitted to the user,
- the new selections are not analyzed as such but replace the initial choices done at the time of the previous chronological quizzes.
- At the end of the procedure, the results are recomputed quiz by quiz. They reflect the levels obtained at the time as of chronological quizzes, moderated by the final selections made at the time of the phase of consolidation.
- The consolidation, by introducing insufficient results, can collapse quizzes successful in phase of chronological quizzes, and force the user to pass by again these failed chronological quiz(zes).

Example : Progression "Anatomy bones and muscles"

The progression anatomy is divided into series of quizzes: Introduction, the head, the trunk, the upper limbs, the lower limbs.
Each serie has a number, more or less important, of quizzes.
Serie the head: quizzes Skull, quizzes bones of the face, quizzes muscles of the face, quizzes, ...
At the end of each serie, the procedure of consolidation is automatically launched to check that the training assets are sufficient together on the quizs of the serie.
The progression 'Anatomy bone and muscles' can take more or less time according to the aptitudes, and assiduities, of the participants.
It can spread out over weeks, is done in parallel with the other activities of the participant, his courses in amphitheatre, for example;
But within the limits of the calendar and the maximum durations defined by the administrators.

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