Uses of the virtual coaching AVANST

To know the role of insulin?
An Internet search engine gives you the answers in a few minutes.
But for reinforced information, with checking of your understanding of the significant data elements, use the coaching virtual Avanst.
Besides to give you a receipt of pastry making, a quiz 'Pastry making' checks your perception of the important points before you carry out the receipt. An interactive quiz goes beyond from passive information. Ludic, it facilitates memorizing.

For a self-training, or a long formation, for example to be formed in biology and to master the physiology of glucids:
Avanst Virtual Coaching, Medicalfr, Biochemistry.

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To assemble for the first time a shower cubicle?
Use the installation handbook.
Even if the assembly is complicated, the possible following installations will seem much easier to you. You will be able to even to pass you from the installation handbook.
The use of the virtual coaching is not justified for simple cases not included in long formations.

Formation of experts, engineers of maintenance, engineers software support, salesmen specialized, ...
Figure [1]. Virtual Coaching. Assisted progression mode.
Benefits: automatic assistance with the person with form, reliable control of the assets, no geographical constraints, no problem of time or planning
(The person to be formed manages her activities and intercalates the uses of the virtual coaching with her other professional occupations).
Figure [2]. Review and practical works course animated by an instructor.
Benefits: To divide the formation into a virtual coaching followed by a course involves teaching effectiveness and savings in durations and costs.
Figure [3]. Maintenance of expert testimony: virtual examinations are planned.
By its nature, the AVANST examination allows, in very little time, to make sure that the person keeps a sufficient expert testimony on a very broad spectrum of knowledge.
Figure [4]. An additional training can be enough to supplement the bases of the expert.< br> The progression mode assisted followed by an examination AVANST will be sufficient to guarantee the value of the new assets.

The virtual coaching is the natural complement of the traditional courses in amphitheatre.
It allows:
- to sweep the pages of a subject before a course to have a first idea and to facilitate the follow-up of the local course,
- to have synthetic presentations to work after the course,
- to involve itself on QCM controlled in real time, to step back, to evaluate its level, to detect what is not acquired,
- to revise and find the principal points of the studied topic.

The procedures of examinations AVANST relieve the stresses of many traditional examinations:
to bring together all the candidates for the same date, in the same place, and to subject them on the same examination question written for the circumstance.
Profits obtained of the passage to examinations AVANST:
logistic flexibility and drastic reduction of the costs, better integration in the course of formation (the examinations can be used in continuous assessment at the end of each studied matter).
Examination procedure AVANST

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